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Connect through music

Singing toge­ther connects us with oursel­ves and others around us. While hearing music we some­ti­mes even sense the exis­tence of an unna­meable higher power. Gospel and worship songs are inspi­red by this power and express it at the same time. With Sing & Connect, we dive into this music toge­ther. We sing and connect with oursel­ves, eacho­ther and with what we call God. Open up, sing and feel!

Building bridges

Ever­yo­ne is welco­me, regard­less of their church, home coun­try or deno­mi­na­ti­on. Sing & Connect is a coope­ra­ti­on between Munich Church Refresh, Peace Church (United Metho­dist) and the Evan­ge­lisch-luthe­ri­sche Phil­ip­pus­kir­che and has the visi­on that Chris­ti­ans from diffe­rent cultu­ral back­grounds can connect through music. Many Chris­ti­an newco­mers to Munich often do not feel at home in the state church. The church services are too diffe­rent and the language is too diffi­cult. We find a common ground in music. We are led by the visi­on of a passio­na­te, open-hear­ted and tole­rant church. Sing & Connect is mode­ra­ted most­ly in English.

With Gospel’n’Soul and friends

Musi­cal support comes from Gospel’n’Soul, which has been part of the Munich gospel scene for 10 years and is known for its heart­felt ener­gy and big choir sound as well as its authen­tic approach to the content of the songs. We are very happy that the Nige­ri­an rooted choir Munich Gospel Voices will join us on Febru­ary 2nd to worship. If you would like to listen to the songs befo­re or after the show, you can find the play­list for Spoti­fy and YouTube in the info­box down below.

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SING & CONNECT with Gospel’n’Soul




Phil­ip­pus­kir­che, St. Quirin-Platz 


19:30 Uhr 


Free entry + Dona­ti­ons are welco­me for musi­ci­ans and a chosen social project.
Get toge­ther after­wards with drinks
Worship list to listen to (see below) 



Sven­ja Ekig­ho (MCR)
Isra­el Perei­ra (MCR + Peace Church)
Alex­an­der von Waczinski (Peace Church) 

Macht mit!

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